Need a break?

Private yoga retreats in Fuerteventura

Come stay with me for a personalised yoga retreat. Together we plan a retreat made to your wishes.

You will be staying in my private and peaceful loft apartment in El Cotillo and receive private yoga lessons every day.

Whether you want some time alone, or want to spend special time with a friend of partner, to either discover yoga or take your practice and understanding of yoga deeper; a private yoga retreat can be helpful. Here you can have the time and space to immerse yourself into the practice and deepen your connection to yourself. We are all unique, with unique anatomy, minds, emotional stories and personal histories and because of this our yoga practice is (and should be) unique. In order for yoga to be truly therapeutic and a bringer of well-being, health, peace and balance, it is worthwhile learning the tools you need to make the practice entirely your own.

Yoga is a therapeutic practice and philosophy, and a private retreat can be a powerful time to heal, transform and grow. In a week we can cover a lot of ground, and you can learn about the mental practices in yoga which support a healthy mind, body and emotional self. Through yoga, you have an opportunity to heal, relax and invigorate.

Since this is a private retreat, we can look at specifics of the practice and philosophy that you are curious about and we can suit every single class to your daily wishes and needs. In my opinion there is no better way to learn yoga than in a private and personalised setting, as yoga is a practice that is inherently personal. In a private lesson we can adapt and modify to suit your wishes, physical/mental/emotional needs and create a practice that works for YOU specifically.

Depending on your wishes, you can add other activities, such as surfing, windsurfing, standup paddling, kiteboarding, mountain biking, hiking, free-diving, functional training and more. I am an avid surfer (longboarding) myself, so I if you are interested I can take you surfing as well (any level).

Mandala Studio

A peaceful and private studio with a kitchenette and bathroom and with your private roof terrace for your convenience and comfort.

Yoga studio

Private studio for your lessons.

Beaches and beautiful scenery

El Cotillo is a quiet and small village on the northwest coast of Fuerteventura. Endless white sand beaches and turquoise water are within close walking distance of the studio.

Here is what some private retreat guests have to say about their stay:

“A Magic Week in Fuerteventura”

Five years ago I was in great need of calm. After sleepless nights with small children and a hectic professional life, I was exhausted. Nina was teaching yoga classes in Oslo, which I had the chance to join. This opened up an entirely new world for me. Her way of talking about life, in combination with the physical practice of yoga (asana) gave me a new way of thinking. Five years after those classes in Norway, I went to visit Nina in Fuerteventura for a weeklong private surf and yoga retreat. I wanted to deepen my yoga practice and learn more. Nina does not only hold deep knowledge about alignment-based yoga, but also shares here knowledge about life, philosophy and a host of techniques to being comfortable and happy in your own skin and mind. She had planned the whole week down to the tiniest detail. As a beginner surfer, I got to learn about surf-technique as well as about the dynamics of the ocean and waves, and breath-hold (apnea) techniques for underwater. I felt safe in the ocean with Nina. I will never forget this week with Nina; and I will go back again! I highly recommend her!”

Maria (Private Surf and Yoga Retreat, November 2019)

“The verdict: five stars”

I just came back from a week of surfing&yoga at Nina’s – a great experience.

Being an absolute beginner in both, surfing and yoga, I expected more or less a hard time with the schedule – the plan was few hours of surfing and a yoga session every day (think sore muscles, feeling clumsy, struggling all the time etc; I have experience with many other sports so I do know how frustrating first steps in a new physical activity can be).

However, Nina was an excellent, reasonably demanding guide and also excellent motivator, so any frustration of mine has been kept to minimum. Also a friend of mine, who is moderately experienced in both surfing and yoga, had a great time (Nina’s reasonably demanding guidance was on a somewhat different level for him).

Additional bonus was that all arrangements were super easy because we stayed at guest apartment in Nina’s house.

The verdict: five stars.

Alesh (private surf and yoga retreat, May 2019)

“Would recommend Nina 500%”

“Having Nina as a yoga teacher (and as a host) has been wonderful. After a week of morning/evening (sometimes both) yoga classes with her, I can only be grateful for everything I have learned and the good energy I felt after Nina´s classes.I really appreciate all the care she took in preparing the classes (both the physical and the philosophical part), highlighting not only the things I did right but also giving me tips to improve my practice and looking into detail in each posture we practiced in order to get the most out of it. 

I have been into yoga for some years now, but I have found it very difficult to find teachers with whom I can “connect”, feel comfortable and that make me feel that they actually care about my learning curve and the way I feel. I am so glad I found a teacher like Nina, and having her as a private teacher was delightful!!! I am already counting down the days to go back for another retreat J

On another note, we made it a bit challenging for her, as it was not only me in the classes – my boyfriend (who had only practiced yoga twice before) came to all the classes with me, and Nina perfectly adapted all the sessions to both levels (and I got my boyfriend to finally start loving yoga as well!).

As for the studio, we were not planning to stay there at the beginning, but it was a great choice. The studio is very cozy and nicely decorated, and the huge terrace is perfect for chilling outside. Also, it is actually very handy having the classes 30 seconds away from home, as her yoga studio is just downstairs. In our opinion, this bit also made the whole experience more pleasant. 

To sum up… thank you Nina for your great energy, your wise lessons, your care and effort, and for making me love yoga even more than what I already did J and of course, I would recommend Nina 500% to any yoga-lover (and also to someone who is only curious about getting started with yoga), she is a great professional and a beautiful person.


Clara&Joan (Private yoga retreat April 2019)

“An unforgettable time”

“I came to Fuerteventura for one week with a desire to get some yoga practice and decided to sign up for 3 lessons with Nina. When we started… I couldn’t get enough and as it turned out, we ended up practicing everyday! I called it “Ninas week””. Nina gave me a new perspective of yoga – it completely changed my understanding of the practice. She was not only a perfect yoga teacher (warm, supportive but also challenging;), but someone, I could exchange and share life expiereriences with and simply talk about life… This was an unforgettable time. Thank you Nina for opening my eyes to the beauty of yoga and letting me experience it with you:)”

Ela (private lessons, June 2019)